Denis Blanchet launches dBVibroAcoustics

Denis Blanchet (formerly at ESI Group) launches dBVibroAcoustics, a consulting company with focus on Vibro-Acoustics simulation and noise control in automotive, aerospace, railway and marine industries.
Over the last 18 years, Denis Blanchet has designed, managed and contributed to numerous vibro-acoustics international projects across several industries either through technology transfer, consortia, Special Interest Groups (SIG), working groups, trainings or on a retainer basis.

Mr. Blanchet has contributed to the success of ESI Group with increasing levels of responsibility in Vibro-Acoustics consulting, product management and business development, and has learned the benefit of teaming up with other experts when necessary to ensure a positive and fruitful outcome for customers.

Dr Arnaud Bocquillet from BMW says: “I had the opportunity to work with Denis as he was Engineering Services Manager at ESI-Group. I appreciate his ability to interpret and orient our needs in the right perspective and to adequate solutions. His experience on simulation-solutions in the automotive industry qualifies Denis as a valuable partner. I wish him a successful start in the new business”
Denis Blanchet has also published over 50 technical papers on a wide variety of subjects and industry applications related to vibro-acoustics such as windnoise, speech intelligibility, sound package modeling and optimization, cabin noise, underwater sound radiation…

Finally, dBVibroAcoustics has signed an agreement with ESI Group and will exclusively use ESI Group’s software suite and in particular VA One, which provides a unique full frequency vibro-acoustics solution for a wide range of application across all major industries.

“Denis is a highly knowledgeable, professional vibro-acoustics engineer and a great team player.” says Vincent Chaillou, COO at ESI Group. “He has worked for 15 years as part of our VA development team: today, our solution is the most complete VA software on the market – spanning all modeling methods from SEA to FEM and BEM – for all sorts of materials and for very diverse industrial applications. It’s also worth noting that Denis has developed knowledge in VA simulation for the marine sector, in which ESI is now recognized as a technological leader.”

Get in touch with Denis at to benefit from his rich worldwide experience and creative thinking to efficiently address your noise challenges.