dBVibroAcoustics launches its official website

dBVibroAcoustics, a consulting company with focus on Vibro-Acoustics simulation and noise control in automotive, aerospace, railway and marine industries launches its official website.

Our website is aimed at introducing to the market our background, experience and expertise in a dynamic and modern way.  It also describes our offering and how we can adapt to any customer needs.  It also includes a resources section where various documents are available for download. Finally, check out the testimonials from all around the world by top experts in the field of vibro-acoustics.

“We wanted to design a website that represents the culture of dBVibroAcoustics” says Denis Blanchet, Owner and Principle Consultant at dBVibroAcoustics.  “Our core values are to be creative, innovative, deeply knowledgeable, dynamic, a solution finder with out-of-the-box-thinking, optimistic with a long-term vision, friendly, positive, empathic with attention to details. We hope our website will convey these values and give you an idea of what great things we can do for you”

Hope you enjoy our website and find it useful.  We plan to add to the resources section over time and will let you know when new material becomes available.

Visit now to discover a world of possibilities.