Denis Blanchet to present keynote speech at OSV 2016 in Singapore

Denis Blanchet will present the keynote speech at the OffShore Vessel Conference 2016 (OSV) in Singapore on September 8 and 9 2016.


Using Noise & Vibration Simulation Early In Design Process To Avoid Panic At Sea Trials


Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) often exhibit high noise levels in accommodations due to their close proximity to the main engines and bow thrusters, which are all concentrated in the front of the vessel.  This paper builds on the experience gained over the years in automotive, aerospace and railway, where simulation has proven to be a key to meeting stringent targets by impacting the product early in the design process.  Simulation is also driving major cost saving since it eliminates the potentially costly fines related to noise levels not meeting contract target levels. It also eliminates the cost of designing and implementing counter-measures in a rush just after sea trials, under daily fines and having to dismantle parts of the vessels to insert more insulation.  Not a situation you want to find yourself.  It also reduces cost by allowing designers to optimize the sound package content and placing just the right amount of insulation and damping treatment at the right location and nothing else.  This results in an optimal design instead of resorting to a costly unnecessary over-design strategy. Design early for quiet delivery!

The speech titled “Using noise & vibration simulation early in design process to avoid panic at sea trials” will discuss the concepts of noise and vibration control on-board ships. An OSV SEA model will be used to illustrate the concepts, offer understanding of how vibration energy migrates though the structure and how to best model such a vessels to rigourously represent the physics of the problem.

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