Grow your NVH knowledge and design quieter products

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Improve your products’ vibro-acoustics performance

Through any of the collaboration options described in the flexibility page, dBVibroAcoustics can have a positive effect on the vibro-acoustics performance of your products. The fundamental objective is to better understand the vibro-acoustics physical phenomena related to your specific product and then use this understanding to positively impact product design.
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Improve your team VA expertise

Your vibro-acoustic team can benefit from the wide range of knowledge and experience dBVibroAcoustics can bring to the table in the form of trainings, technology transfer projects or retainers. Denis Blanchet has demonstrated over the last 18 years that he can help vibro-acoustics engineers get up to speed with simulation, acquired advance simulation expertise and gaining confidence in simulation by providing meaningful test plan and supervision that lead to accurate correlation between measurements and predictive simulation models. See testimonial from customers here.
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Improve modelling efficiency and save design cost

Your simulation process can be streamlined to get the best ROI possible and spending your resources on product design instead of model building process. Automation is at the heart of this concept and Denis Blanchet has demonstrated a strong expertise in understanding engineer’s challenges and process bottlenecks and providing custom solutions that are game changers in the simulation environment. For example, in the automotive industry Template Modeller reduces geometry model building time from 6 weeks to a single week. In the marine industry, Marine Modeller reduces the creation of SEA models by several weeks depending on the size of the ship. The larger the ship, the larger the reduction of time. dBVibroAcoustics can help streamline your specific design process.
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Establish a VA team

Denis Blanchet has over the years trained engineers barely starting with vibro-acoustics simulation to very senior experts wanting to expand their knowledge in various simulation methods. dBVibroAcoustics can help setup your own vibro-acoustics team and establish best practices that will enable you to benefit from your investment by providing to your customers better products that are quieter, more comfortable and potentially less expensive to produce.