Tech Papers

[04] A new automated SEA tool for the analysis of interior noise of automobiles

A key goal in the development of SEA (statistical energy analysis) has been to reduce the number of idealizations and expert judgements required by the analyst, thereby making accurate results less dependent upon the expertise of individual users. This paper proposes to develop and demonstrate prototype technology for automated interior noise analysis of automobiles. The objectives of this work are to efficiently evaluate interior trim components – for sound quality, weight reduction and cost savings; to automate the creation of SEA models for one-third-octave band interior sound pressure levels due to road noise and engine noise; to speed up the noise and vibration engineering cycle to help reduce vehicle development time and improve quality. This is done through the development of model template and modeling wizard.

2001 INTERNOISE, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Denis Blanchet (Vasci, USA)

Download available upon request