Tech Papers

[13] Statistical energy analysis of a scroll compressor using Auto SEA and SEAM software

Vibration and internal pressure pulsation propagation in a scroll compressor were modeled using AutoSEA and SEAM software. It was found that the two programs predict very similar results in terms of total dBA levels for the six design alternatives evaluated under three different excitations. In general, however, AutoSEA tended to predict slightly lower responses than SEAM. The main reason for the discrepancy is believed to be differences in how each code treats systems with low modal density. Some appreciable differences were also found for the response level at the bottom of the compressor under certain excitations. Investigation into the cause(s) for that discrepancy in ongoing.

2005 – Journal of Acoustical Society of America 118, 1872;
Zheng Yu (Trane Corp, USA)
William B. Rockwood (Trane Corp, USA)
Michael Sanderson (ESI Group, USA)
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, France)

Download available upon request