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[18] Investigation of the Vibrational and the Flow-Induced Sound Due to the Turbulent Flow Over Different Plate Structures

Experimental and numerical investigations of the fluid-structure interaction as well as the sound, induced by the turbulent flow over a flexible plate structure and radiated to the acoustic far field, are presented. To modify the standard inflow condition that is a fully turbulent boundary layer, an obstacle is placed upstream of a flexible plate. In order to investigate the influence of such a plate on the wall near flow field, the flow-induced vibration of the plate structure is measured using a laser-scanning vibrometer. Furthermore unsteady pressure measurements are performed at the plate surface. Based on the measurements of the vibration of the flexible plate, the radiation of vibrational sound to the acoustic far field is computed employing a finite-element (FE) acoustics solver. The sound transmission into a plenum chamber mounted at the back side of the flexible plate is calculated by use of a Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) model based on the results of the unsteady pressure measurements. Microphone measurements are carried out to generate a basis of comparison. The experiments are performed in an acoustic wind tunnel. The results show that only tonal sound components are caused by the structural movement.

2009 – Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow (CMFF’09)
Stefan Müller (University Erlangen, Germany)
Stefan Becker (University Erlangen, Germany)
Jens Grabinger (University Erlangen, Germany)
Thomas Biermeier (University Erlangen, Germany)
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, Germany)

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