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[23] Integrated Vibro-acoustic Calculation Procedure of Composite Structures using Coupled Finite and Boundary Element Method

Lightweight composite structures for high-technology applications have to fulfill high demands on low constructive weight combined with an adequate stiffness. In general, the low structural weight leads to high vibration amplitudes due to low forces of inertia and causes an undesired sound radiation. This effect can be compensated by exploiting the high vibro-acoustic potential of fibre-reinforced composites. For this purpose, an integrated calculation algorithm for the transmission loss, considering the eigenfrequencies (modal analysis) and the estimation of modal damping values, is presented. Therefore, an ANSYS loop is combined with an especially developed VA One batch file. The developed model enables the calculation engineer to study the influence e.g. of the fibre orientation on the radiated sound power of a fibre-reinforced structure with a complex geometry.

2010 – ISMA, Leuven, Belgium
Werner A. Hufenbach (TU Dresden, Germany)
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, Germany)
Maik Gude (TU Dresden, Germany)
Martin Dannemann (TU Dresden, Germany)
Frank Kolbe (TU Dresden, Germany)

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