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[29] Windnoise: Coupling Wind Tunnel Test Data or CFD Simulation to Full Vehicle Vibro-Acoustic Models

Wind noise has become in recent years a significant contributor to perceived sound inside automobiles. Many methods are nowadays available to couple wind tunnel or CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) data to a full vehicle vibro-acoustic model. This paper presents an overview of these methods and focuses on one specific method which allows the test or CFD data to be used as the source of a SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) full vehicle model. The paper presents the wind tunnel test data available and how it is used to describe the pressure fluctuation as a SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) source. It also describes the full vehicle SEA model used and how detailed laminated glasses models were created. SPL (Sound Pressure Level) inside the vehicle for simulation and test are compared. Finally, design changes are introduced by modifying glass thickness and construction and comparison between simulation and test results are also presented.

2011 – DAGA, Düsseldorf, Germany
Jan Kralicek (ESI Group, Czech Replublic)
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, Germany)

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