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[03] BIW Damping Package Evaluation/Optimization Using FEA/SEA Combined Approach

Following styling and surface definitions, FEA models for structural subsystems, such as floor and wheelhouse, are constructed early in the vehicle design/development process. At this early stage, there is a need to define appropriate damping treatment and their coverage for different panels in the vehicle. Computationally, it is more efficient to calculate average surface velocities from FEA models for different configurations at the subsystem level. However, comparison of these velocities would not directly yield the passenger’s perception of SPLs resulting from different damping configurations. In the following, the implementation of a combined FEA/SEA method is demonstrated during the evaluation of damping treatments for an automobile.

2000 – Annual Meeting of the Canadian Acoustical Society, Sherbrooke, Canada
Anab Akanda (DaimlerChrysler, USA)
Denis Blanchet (Vasci, USA)
Taner Onsay (Vasci, USA)
Gregory M. Goetchius (DaimlerChrysler, USA)

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