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[31] Using VTM (Vehicle Trim Modeler) to Represent Acoustic Trim Effect on Full Vehicle Level

Objectives of this work is to demonstrate benefits of using VTM (Vehicle Trim Modeler): a Finite Element (FE) approach for modeling acoustic trim of a fully trimmed vehicle. To Compare VTM results with existing Non-Structural Mass (NSM) approach currently used at Audi. Audi is also interested in the effect of different parameter changes on the final acoustic results. Finally, to evaluate the amount of modeling effort needed to represent the acoustic trim in FEM

2011 – ESI 4th European Vibro-Acoustic Users Conference (VAUC). Stuttgart, Germany
Benjamin Henrich (AUDI, Germany)
Antoine Guellec (AUDI, Germany)
Arnaud Caillet (ESI Group, Germany)
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, Germany)

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