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[41] Seabed Topology And Material Composition Effects On Underwater Sound Radiation Of A 70m Steel Hull Vessel

In the marine industry, simulation starts to occupy a key role in product design as NVH and environmental requirements are becoming increasingly demanding. This paper discusses new advances in marine vibro-acoustic predictions and in particular the effect of seabed topology and material composition on the underwater noise radiation of a steel hull. This paper introduces Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method (FMM-BEM) to predict underwater sound radiation of ships in deep or shallow waters. Finally, the effect of seabed topology and impedance on sound radiation are illustrated with several simulation examples based on a 70m steel hull vessel.

2013 UCA – Underwater Conference on Acoustics, Corfu, Greece
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, Germany)
Arnaud Caillet (ESI Group, Germany)

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