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[49] Predicting a room sound field to derive speech intelligibility criteria. Application to Deutsche Bahn test train cabin

The objective of this work is to predict speech intelligibility index using a new implementation into VA One and compare with previous work performed with dBahn where BEM coputations were copared with actual meausremets. The Phase 1 of this work consists of a preliminary assessment: Measurements of pressure and STIPA values in the train cabin. This was performed by Céline Bacquet, in her Master thesis. Phase 1 also included preliminary BEM simulation from ESI Group. Phase 2 includes simulation improvement to increase SPL results accuracy and assess the influence of details in the cabin being included or omitted from the simulation model. Phase 3 includes the results from the simulation for Speech Transmission Index (STI).

2014 – VAUC, Vibro-Acoustics Users’ Conference, Hamburg, Germany
Arthur Henry (ESI Group, Germany)
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, Germany)

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