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[05] Using Simulation Technology to Evaluate and Demonstrate the Benefit of Laminated Glass

In conjunction with Vibro-Acoustic Sciences, Solutia has developed simulation models and a customized AutoSEA2 user interface for the prediction of the acoustical contribution of glass laminates to the sound quality inside an automobile. The models provide the ability to predict the performance of different glass laminates, as integral parts of the automobile, at various zones of the latter, and at different operating conditions (e.g. automobile speed, road type, environmental noise…etc). Its ease-of-use and fast turnaround times made it very attractive, as a glazing Solution tool.  For example, in a matter of minutes, data on the relative acoustical performance of different side-glasses can be generated at a given operating condition. By using the software we are now able, in a short period of time, to select the best types of glass laminate windows that deliver the best acoustical performance for an automobile. In addition, use of the model will help shorten the development process of new acoustical glass laminates.  The modeling tool has also been developed to be able to calculate the impact on solar performance of different glass laminate system as well as calculating the impact on the mass of the glass used to obtain the desired level of performance. The presentation will be a demonstration of this new Automotive Glass Simulation Tool.

2002 – 2nd AutoSEA Users Conference, Detroit, USA
Denis Blanchet (Vasci, USA)
Jay Piper (Solutia, USA)
Noureddine Nafia (Solutia, USA)

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