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[07] Analysis of Interior Noise of Vehicles Using An Automated SEA Model Building Tool – A Case Study

A key goal in the effective use of Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) has been to reduce the number of expert judgments required by an analyst. This could be accomplished by incorporating high level knowledge into software. Another approach used in the SEA community has been to create templates of a particular vehicle that incorporates accumulated technical knowledge. These templates make accurate results less dependent upon the expertise of individual users. This paper introduces a technology to enable automated interior noise analysis of automobiles using morph-able SEA vehicle models based on 3-D geometry, which include modeling best practices. The productivity improvement gained by reducing model building time will allow more effective use of SEA models in the vehicle development cycle and thus, will improve quality. The end result of this work is to efficiently evaluate interior trim components for sound quality, weight reduction and cost savings. The automated process is presented for two very different vehicles and the validation test results are discussed. Observations of the productivity improvement achieved with this tool will also be discussed.

2002 – INTERNOISE, Detroit, USA
Robert Unglenieks (Jonhson Controls Inc, USA)
Denis Blanchet (VaSci, USA)

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