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[08] Validation of the inverse method of acoustic material characterization

There are many software tools in use today that are implementing the Biot, or complementary, method for the evaluation of foam and fiber materials. The justification of this process is to understand which mechanisms of the noise control material are contributing to the noise reduction and to optimize the material based on its acoustic properties. The disadvantage of this method is that it is quite complex and time consuming to test a material in order to extract the underlying properties that govern the acoustic performance. An alternative inverse method for material characterization based on simple impedance tube measurements has been developed lately. This paper recalls the physics and mathematics behind the method and concentrates on its validation.

2003 – SAE Noise & Vibration Conference, Traverse City, USA
Raymond Panneton (University of Sherbrooke, Canada)
Youssef Atalla (University of Sherbrooke, Canada)
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, USA)
Michael Bloor (ESI Group, USA)

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