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[09] Building 3D SEA Models from Templates Created using Efficient Model Building Tools – New Developments

Automobile sound package design requires that a Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) model be built during initial stages of any vehicle program. This allows design changes, noise path analysis and optimization of the sound package to be performed before any program design freeze. The 3D model building process becomes a critical element since it involves many weeks of work before the model is ready for sound package definition and analysis. This paper introduces new developments in building 3D SEA models using templates. A new set of tools has been developed to further automate the SEA model building process. These tools should enable the user to develop a full vehicle SEA model within a few days. The productivity improvement gained by reducing model building time will allow for a more effective use of SEA models in the vehicle development cycle.

2003 – SAE Noise & Vibration Conference, Traverse City, USA
Denis Blanchet (ESI Group, USA)
Andrew Cunnimgham (ESI Group, USA)

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