Denis Blanchet has developed a wide expertise in very different fields.  He has learned over the years the benefit of teaming up with other experts when necessary to ensure a positive and fruitful outcome of any projects.  His many international contacts developed over the years has made him a strong ally to have when dealing with difficult, unchartered VA applications.  Our offering is therefore diverse and potential projects that differ from our existing experience are more than welcome.

Business jet sound package design

The evolution of sound package material models and characterization has enables the creation of predictive simulation models that can be used to either design sound packages from scratch or do comparative studies to find the right balance between comfort, cost and weight. Once a simulation model is available and validated, it can be used to design highly effective sound packages with remarkable acoustic performances. dBVibroAcoustics can help you build and exercise such predictive simulation models and bring to life the performance you desire.

VIP helicopter interior SPL predictions

Even though operating helicopters generate a harsh and noisy environment for its occupants, several solutions can be implemented to design a comfortable VIP version where the passengers are isolated from the sources of noise and vibration. Clever use of isolation and insulation can produce phenomenal results and the availability of a predictive simulation model allow a designer to test various approaches and iterate until a satisfactory solution in terms of comfort, cost and weight can be found. dBVibroAcoustics can help you build and exercise such simulation predictive models and bring to life unexpected innovative designs.

Aircraft speech intelligibility

Safety regulations force aircraft manufacturers to comply with speech intelligibility index. The objective is to ensure that the passengers hear clearly the public announcements delivered through the speaker system of the aircraft. It has been shown that various simulation methods can be used to predict the speech intelligibility of a cabin. See [49] for an example of prediction of STI using a combination of BEM and SEA. The same paper compares these results with a combination of Raytracing and SEA approach which provides the same level of accuracy at a fraction of the computing time. dBVibroAcoustics can help you understand the key aspects of predicting speech intelligibility before any prototypes are available for testing. The examples shown in [49] can directly be used in an aircraft application.

Aircraft Automation

Several steps of simulation model building can be automated to speed up the creation process. Whether the automation is related to creating the geometry model, to assigning the material properties, defining the sound package or assigning it to the different region of the aircraft, creating and assigning the multiple airborne, structureborne or flowborne sources, running various configurations, optimizing the sound package or dispatching thousands of jobs on a cluster, dBVibroAcoustics can help significantly reduce modelling time and streamline simulation process to improve robustness and quality of results.