Denis Blanchet has developed a wide expertise in very different fields.  He has learned over the years the benefit of teaming up with other experts when necessary to ensure a positive and fruitful outcome of any projects.  His many international contacts developed over the years has made him a strong ally to have when dealing with difficult, unchartered VA applications.  Our offering is therefore diverse and potential projects that differ from our existing experience are more than welcome.

Virtual Satellite certification test

Today’s method of choice to evaluate if a satellite will pass the certification test is the use of FEM (Finite Element Method) for the structure and BEM (Boundary Element Method) for the acoustics. Recent advances in HPC (High Performance Computing) has drastically reduced computation time and memory usage making simulation part of the standard design process of the majority of today’s satellites manufacturers. dBVibroAcoustics can help by teaching the basics and advanced knowledge necessary to perform virtual qualification tests before any real life structure is available for testing.

Stress recovery

During a launch, the engines of a launcher generate an intense acoustic field which propagates along the launcher side and reaches the fairing before getting into the payload area. This acoustic loading can in turn generate large internal structural stresses that may jeopardize the integrity of light composite panels. It is possible to predict the levels of stresses within these composite panels based on a space industry recognized approach. dBVibroAcoustics can help you either learn “how to” or compute these levels for you.