Over the last 22 years, Denis Blanchet has designed, managed and contributed to numerous vibro-acoustics international projects across several industries either through technology transfer, consortia, Special Interest Groups (SIG), working groups, trainings or on a retainer basis. Denis Blanchet has published over 50 technical papers on a wide variety of subjects and industry applications related to vibro-acoustics such as windnoise, speech intelligibility, sound package modeling and optimization, cabin noise, underwater sound radiation...

Denis' Bio

Sherbrooke, an awakening to Vibro-Acoustics

Denis studied at University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada where he completed a Master’s degree in Vibro-Acoustics. His Master’s degree was sponsored by Bombardier Recreational Products on the subject of “Optimization of Engine Mount based on driver’s perception parameters”.


Detroit, the land of the big 3

Denis joined Vibro-Acoustic Sciences (Vasci), the editor of the successful software AutoSEA in 2000 and managed the “Automotive Center of Excellence” consulting group based in Detroit until 2005. This group was responsible for worldwide SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) automotive application. During this period, Denis contributed to the adoption of SEA by several automotive companies in America and Japan where SEA was being discovered.


Paris, ESI Group headquarters

Meanwhile Vasci was bought by ESI Group and Denis was promoted to product development of VA One at ESI Group headquarters in Paris where he contributed to the integration of various VA modelling methods in the existing code AutoSEA2. A rich experience that allowed him to learn and understand new modelling method and deepen his skills in collaboration with various teams within the organisation.


Germany, the heart of technological Europe

After identifying Germany as a country with significant growth potential and where ESI had a weak technical presence, Denis Blanchet moved to Munich in 2007 where he built an international consulting and support team of 9 engineers. This team would actually serve the German market and be a hub for other ESI Group subsidiaries needing help with consulting activities.


At the heart of business success

Denis was then promoted to Worldwide Business Developer for Vibro-Acoustics. He has contributed to the recent success of Vibro-Acoustics within ESI Group by promoting VA One worldwide in personal visits, conferences where he presented state of the art modelling approaches using VA One. He recently highly contributed to ESI’s success in the marine industry by developing Marine Modeller, an automated tool for the creation of SEA models of ships. He also played a key role in the several Special Interest Group in Marine around the world (The Netherlands, Italy, India, Japan) by contributing several presentations and help organize the events.


Internationally recognized consulting expert

Denis Blanchet has through dBVibroAcoustics contracted consulting projects in Europe, China and America in automotive, aerospace, railway, architectural and marine confirming his ability to understand a technical challenge, provide recommendations and implement those increase ROI for his customers.

Since 2016
Successful projects in several industries

Denis Blanchet’s expertise spans over several Vibro-Acoustics applications including: windnoise, sound package design and optimisation, muffler noise, break squeal, ship cabin noise, underwater noise radiation, high speed train conductor cabin noise, vehicle speech intelligibility, satellite stress recovery and virtual qualification test, aircraft source modelling, aircraft vibro-acoustics sensitivity analysis, model building automation…

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Full frequency analysis expertise

Many of the applications above are full frequency analysis and require mastering the coupling of several modelling methods such as FEM, BEM, PEM, SEA, FE/SEA Coupled… Finally, Denis’s experience spans over a wide range of industry from automotive and aerospace to train, marine and industrial.

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Technical papers: A wealth of information at your fingertips

Finally, Denis Blanchet has written over 50 technical papers in collaboration with companies such as Alstom, Asahi Glass, Audi, Chrysler, Daimler, Delphi, EDAG, Johnson Controls, Kotobukiya Fronte, Nippon Sharyo, Nissan, Porsche, Solutia, Trane, Treves, Van Cappellen, VW … and presented 2 keynotes speeches on the coupling between FEM and SEA to cover the mid-frequency gap. He also published with several universities such as Calvin College, TU Dresden, University Erlangen and University of Sherbrooke.


A wordwide expertise

Now based in Prague (CZ)

After Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada), Bloomfields Hills (Michigan, USA), Paris (France) and Munich, (Germany), Denis Blanchet is delighted to discover the beautiful city of Prague, home of a vibrant modern community and a rich cultural heritage. With easy access to the world through Prague airport, this city offers an unrivalled scenery with its castle, the Carl’s bridge, the old town square and the numerous other picturesque areas reachable by foot, making Prague a great city to live in.