The following is a list of typical projects Denis has been involved in during his career.

Aeroacoustics German Working Group

Contributed to the automotive German Working Group on wind noise by representing ESI Group. With transparency and technical know/how, convinced the members that ESI has a strong solution and is open to share and improve understanding of complex physical phenomenon. ESI was selected as the unique VA software vendor to be a member of the group.

Marine Special Interest Group (SIG)

Organized and represented ESI Group VA marine technical solutions at several Marine Special Interest Group organized by ESI which attracted the majority of the worldwide classification agencies and numerous key industry players around the world.

Marine Modeller

Developped Marine Modeller, an automation tool to automate the SEA model building process allowing VA One users to reduce model creation time from several weeks to a few hours.

FE/SEA Coupled Consortia

Managed International Consortia in structureborne noise prediction using “FE/SEA Coupled” in Marine-Aeronautics-Rail-Industrial sector. Results: Provided guidelines to consortium members on how to use “FE/SEA Coupled” on specific application. Renewed licenses from all members and generated more consulting activities.

Automotive Center of Excellence

Managed Vibro-acoustics “Automotive Center of Excellence” worldwide. Results: Developed long term relationships with international key customers that contracted multi-phase projects.

Innovative projects

Successfully completed innovative projects. Results: opened new markets in mainstream applications and custom solutions. Created new SEA application fields.

Consulting projects

Completed SEA modeling projects, performed technology transfer, training and technical support. Results: Developed a strong understanding of SEA and AutoSEA2 formulation and functionalities, improved communication skills.

Template Modeller

Developed TemplateModeler, a template morphing tool. Results: reduced SEA geometry model building time by 75%. Used in all internal projects and sold to some automotive customers.

Automation using automotive templates

Developed full vehicle SEA templates Results: increased efficiency from standardization of modeling techniques, naming convention, database construction. Now used in every full vehicle SEA model engineering projects.

Building predictive simulation models

Improved SEA modeling techniques Results: increased accuracy and allowed to contractually commit to more aggressive accuracy targets in all new engineering projects.